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Matt’s Story

Matt’s Story

I heard about the Learning Exchange from my case worker at the Teen Resource Centre. She suggested I check it out and see if the programs might be helpful for me. I wanted to finish high school, so I met with someone at the Learning Exchange and they told me about the G.O.A.L.S. program. It was interesting to me because it was different from the schools I had gone to before. 

My experience at the Learning Exchange was really great. They worked with me to help me get the credits I needed to graduate. The thing I liked most was that everyone there treated me like an adult. They were really helpful and it was flexible. It was way better for me than the regular school system. 

I am most proud that I finished and got my diploma. My next steps are working with the Post-Secondary Coach at the Learning Exchange to apply to NBCC for next year. I’d like to work in the trades. I think I will apply for the welding program. The Learning Exchange gave me a chance to take the next step and to go to college.

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