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The Learning Exchange is committed to empowering youth and adults in Saint John to reach their education and employment goals. For over 35 years, the Learning Exchange has pioneered innovative programs that meet the needs of the community by providing an alternative and progressive environment focused on individualized learning, employment, and personal development plans that meet the unique needs of everyone who walks through our doors.

Penni Eisenhauer

Community Organizer

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Our mission is to be Saint John’s leading community resource for wraparound support, individualized learning, skill development, and access to employment. We continue to meet changing community needs with innovative and holistic solutions. Our vision is to change lives by empowering youth and adults to reach their education and employment goals.

Our Approach


The Learning Exchange believes that participants in our programs should be compensated for the time and effort they invest in working toward a better future for themselves. Participants in all Learning Exchange programs set and achieve goals and earn money for their accomplishments. We have seen firsthand that this increases motivation, leads to the attainment of larger and more significant goals, and improves confidence. Participants frequently use the incentives they earn to reduce their own barriers to success.

Wraparound Approach

At the Learning Exchange we take a holistic approach to supporting our participants by providing wraparound services. We transition people between Learning Exchange programs and services to continue to build their skills and meet their evolving needs along their personal journey. We also connect our participants to community partners and resources based on their individualized needs for support to help them navigate, reduce, and even eliminate barriers in their lives.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

We believe it’s important to measure ourselves based on our true impact, and that’s why we spent a considerable amount of effort evaluating and measuring our SROI. We undertook a five-year study to demonstrate the value created by investing in a person-centered, wraparound approach to employment preparedness. We discovered that, on average, every dollar invested in the Learning Exchange has generated an average of $7.50 in social and economic value.

The Learning Exchange Viewbook

For an overview of everything we have to offer learners and jobseekers, check out the Learning Exchange Viewbook.


The Learning exchange continues to help me. I am setting my education and career goals. I feel like I always have someone to turn to when I am making big decisions.” —Alshaimaa

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