Education Programs

Our education programs support youth and adults looking to complete their GED or their Adult High School Diploma. Each of our programs provides learners the opportunity to navigate the best path forward for them to achieve their academic goals. Our programs are self-paced and flexible to meet the needs of learners of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences.

More than a classroom

All of our education programs are aimed at achieving academic success, but each program also provides an opportunity to build skills, set personal goals, and explore next steps in a supportive environment.

G.O.A.L.S. is a program unique to the Learning Exchange that acts as an alternative high school setting for youth aged 16-25. Youth in this classroom earn high school credits in a project-based environment and receive incentives for participation, goal achievement, and attendance.
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L.E.A.P. is a program for both youth and adults that offers individualized pathways to achieve academic success. It is our most flexible program, offering learners the option of working on their academics through online learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid of the two.
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B.E.S.T. is a client-centred, wrap-around support program that helps adult learners prepare for the GED exams. Learners connect with the facilitator on a regular basis and also participate in group activities and training both in-class and virtually.
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