Soft Skills
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Soft Skills is a series of 9 weekly professional development workshops that focus on a different skill each week. 9 professional development workshops that cover soft skills that are important to succeed in the workforce and beyond. Participants gain practical tools and strategies, and learn through applied exercises and scenarios. Our approach to soft skills empowers participants to build new habits and foster new ways of thinking and relating to others.

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Each one of these professional development workshops can be added to your resume and you will receive a certificate upon completion of all nine topics that include: collaboration, communication, confidence, conflict resolution, problem solving, professionalism, receiving feedback, stress management, and time management. Enrollment is continuous so people can reach out whenever they are ready to get started.

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get paid

Participants earn incentives for attendance, as well as for setting and achieving academic, employment, and personal development goals they set with their coach. The program also connects participants to community partners and opportunities to help them reach their goals.

What is Soft Skills?

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