the Team

Let’s work together

Every member of the Learning Exchange team comes to work every day because we care about the people around us. We are a passionate group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, and experience. We work together to create a place where people feel safe, seen, heard, and supported. Most of all, we want to help people find the path that works best for them to achieve their goals.

Christina Fowler
President & CEO
Mandy Burke - Evans
Social Enterprise Director
Lisa Mapile
Office Manager
Erin MacKenney
Program Director
Jackie Wallace
Janelle Flanagan
B,E,S,T, Facilitator/Post-Secondary Coach
Ginny Hooper
L.E.A.P. Facilitator
Alex Ash
G.O.A.L.S. Facilitator
Erin Titus
G.O.A.L.S. Tutor
Stacey Doyle
WESLinks Facilitator
Patrick Russell
Worklinks Job Development Coach
Trish Nickerson
Administrative Assistant
Amanda Beckwith
Soft Skills Facilitator
Alex Smith
Social Enterprise Administrator
Kelly Morell
Outreach Coordinator
Leah Secord
Women's Empowerment Program Facilitator
Mary Snow
WorkLinks Workforce Coach
Penni Eisenhauer
Community Organizer (Waterloo Village Neighbourhood Association)
Shelley Jarvis
Stone Soup Cafe Manager
Chelsey Hovery
Stone Soup Cafe Supervisor
Shelley Jarvis
Stone Soup Cafe Manager

Chelsey Hovery

Board of Directors

Karla Baxter
Board of Directors Chair
Craig Estabrooks
Board of Directors Vice-Chair
Emily McGill
Board of Directors Secretary
Matthew Graham
Board of Directors Treasurer
Bernadette Fernandes
Board of Directors Member
Chris Toole
Board of Directors Member
Doug Evans
Board of Directors Member
Francine Quinn Steeves
Board of Directors Member
Patrick Beamish
Board of Directors Member
Dianne McQuade-Clark
Board of Directors Member

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