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WorkLinks is for anyone who is ready to start looking for a job or just starting to think about their options for work, whether they have never worked before or have work experience. Many job seekers struggle to find the right job that fits their life and employment goals and that they will enjoy long-term, and the WorksLinks team can help build a plan and the skills necessary to not only get a job, but to keep that job.


WorkLinks offers one-on-one, individualized coaching that aims to help job seekers develop a plan for employment and address all elements of searching for a job, getting a job, and keeping a job. Coaching includes support with resumes and cover letters, interview preparation and practice interviews, job search techniques and networking, and discussions around the skills and qualities needed to get and keep a job.

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The WorkLinks team offers job seekers connections to local employers and support through the application and interview process. There is also an opportunity for job seekers to participate in co-op placements with employers to gain experience in an area where they may not have experience. The Work Links team also provides continued support after someone gets a job to help troubleshoot any challenges that may arise during the transition to work.

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