Achieve academic success

LEAP combines learners who are working on their GED and some working on their Adult High School Diploma (AHSD). Those working on their AHSD would be youth ages 16 – 25. LEAP is for individuals who want an individualized and more independent approach. They can sign up for one or two 1.5 hour slots a week and come into the class or they can do online learning or a combination of the two.


L.E.A.P. is our most flexible program, with the option of participating through online learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid of the two. Participants move through materials at their own pace with the guidance and support of their facilitator and a coach. Enrollment is continuous so people can reach out whenever they are ready to get started.


Participants earn money for completing assignments, achieving high school credit, and passing GED tests. They also earn money for setting and achieving academic, employment and personal development goals they set with their coach. The program also connects participants to community partners and opportunities to help them reach their goals.

What is L.E.A.P.?

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