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Al’s Story

Al’s Story

When I came to the Learning Exchange, I knew I was looking for something different. I had experienced the traditional path – creating a resume, then reworking it, sending it around and was getting no response. I had come from a high-paying job in Nova Scotia and had a lot of experience but the feedback I was getting was that I was overqualified – or seemed to be. Someone had recommended the Learning Exchange and I made the call. 

When I met with Erin, she looked beyond my resume and saw me as a person. That meeting changed my outlook on what kind of job I wanted. Erin and her team made me feel welcome from the beginning. They followed my progress, including any rejections. We looked at them not as failure, but as a chance to discuss what happened, why and what we could do next to change that outcome. 

At other agencies I felt like a number. I went to the meetings. I followed a plan. The Learning Exchange was the complete opposite of that. Erin knew from our conversations that I would be good dealing with the public. She saw an opportunity open up at CAA and put two and two together that this would be a great fit. She saw it before I did. 

And now I have a job that’s right for me. I love getting up every day. 

In my experience, it felt like the team at the Learning Exchange wouldn’t feel successful if I wasn’t successful. If my path hadn’t crossed with Erin and the Learning Exchange I don’t know where I would be today.

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