Our roots, our future: It's time we share our stories

Hello from the Learning Exchange and thank you for taking the time to visit our website and check out our first ever blog entry!


As you may have noticed, we have been dedicating some time over the past year to creating a fresh new look for the Learning Exchange that represents not only our roots, but also where we are now and what we have planned for the future. I have only been with the Learning Exchange for a little over two years now as the Job Developer with our WorkLinks program, a drop in the bucket of our 30 year history. During this time I have come to truly appreciate the contributions the Learning Exchange, with it's diverse staff, program participants, and partners, has made to our community.


Since starting work here, I've seen countless individuals overcome barriers that appeared insurmountable. I've been fortunate to be surrounded by staff that constantly go above and beyond to provide the support and guidance needed for their learners to reach their goals. I've worked with employers and community partners who have shown a genuine commitment and dedication to helping our community prosper. These experiences and stories have proven to me that when we work together, each individual can reach their full potential, making our community a better place to live for everyone.


These are also the stories that I feel need to be heard. They need to be heard by those who are struggling to meet their academic and employment goals and are feeling discouraged. They need to be heard by employers who are looking to invigorate their workforce and our local economy. They need to be heard by consumers looking for a strategic way to make purchases that benefit our city's residents. These stories need to be heard by our community as a whole, to spark new stories of success and collaboration.


I invite you to follow our stories and those of our program participants and partners by signing up for our newsletter. We hope to provide a number of ways that you can help contribute to the betterment of our city, regardless of your background. Tell a friend about our programs, find out how you can hire from our talent pool of job seekers, or try out one of our great social businesses, Voila! Cleaning and Stone Soup Catering.

We are dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential, and I look forward to hearing and sharing these stories with you.

Author - Harry Daley

Harry Daley is the Job Developer at the Saint John Learning Exchange. He lives in the heart of Uptown Saint John with his wife Angela and dog Gaia.

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