Why use a social enterprise?

 My name is Mandy Burke Evans and in January 2015, I joined the Saint John Learning Exchanges team (SJLE). My role within the SJLE is a Social Enterprise Developer (SED).


Social Enterprise Developer?

My role as a SED is to create and develop healthy businesses that have a triple bottom line- Financial, Social and Environmental. SJLE currently has two for profit social enterprises that offer work essential skills training and employs participants from SJLE at a living wage. Both social enterprises are also focused on supporting local and using environmentally friendly products. All profits generated from these businesses are used to supplement funding for our training programs, helping SJLE become a more self-sufficient organization and less dependent on external funding.


What makes Social Enterprises successful?

Like any healthy business, growth is essential. We plan on achieving our social, economic and environmental goals by providing the highest quality and environmentally friendly services at competitive rates.


Your part?

By choosing to use a social enterprise you are choosing to have a social, economic, and environmental impact within your community. Check out our social enterprises to see how you can benefit from our great services today!

 Author- Mandy Burke-Evans

Mandy has passion for reducing poverty and growing our economy while building and supporting our community. Outside of work she love's spending time with family and friends while exploring our province and taking advantage of new experiences and opportunities.